Kids Camps

From art and science to outdoor adventures, we offer a wide selection of kids summer camps with great activities for your child in Dublin.

Camps offer a fun avenue for children to enhance their learning, communication skills and general knowledge.
The elbowroom offers supportive environment with an emphasis on positive reinforcement, confidence and individuality.
Additional childcare hours may be possible if the demand is there. Please get in touch should you require additional information.


Important Information

  • Cost €125 per child for 5 days, including breakfast. 10% off for siblings!
  • Individual days €36.
  • Please note that all children must be at Primary School (not creche) and the minimum age is 4 yrs old. They MUST also be toilet-trained.
  • Places are limited so please book early.
  • We ask all children to bring their own labelled water bottle and a snack for midday.
  • Camp runs from 9am-2pm each day
  • For families who need to use the extended hours service, camp and afterschool, eight hours per day, the cot is €275 with a 10% discount for those who contract the service for the whole week or month.

Summer Kids Camps 2023

Enrol your child on our summer camps offered throughout the month of July and August.

3rd-7th July 2023Arts Week

Develop children’s creativity and capacity for expression through different artistic techniques such as Miró, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Pop Art, among others. Seeking through art that children can better understand the world around them and strengthen their skills such as observation, interpretation and problem solving.

Arts Camp

10th-14th July 2023Science Week

To live and share experiences of caring for nature and the environment, seeking to connect their emotions through observation of their natural surroundings. Experience different scientific resources through fun scientific experiments.

Science Camp

17th-21st JulySports Week

Time in which the children will be able to emphasise and reinforce their different skills and abilities in different sports and recreational disciplines, being a special moment of integration and healthy recreation and sharing with the rest of the children through play.

Sports Camp

24th - 28th JulyCuisine and Cultures of the World Week

To stimulate interest in healthy food and its preparation, to learn about and prepare different recipes from around the world. To develop logical processes (association, classification) and cognitive processes (manipulating, mixing, separating). To promote hygienic habits around cooking and eating and above all to share with the rest of the children through group work.

Culture Camp

31st July - 4th AugustMusic and Dance Week

Through these two disciplines, children will be able to communicate their emotions, to create and interpret musical and choreographic creations. Through the movement and use of musical instruments, boys and girls will explore, perceive, and feel the elements that are within their reach to use them in musical interpretations.

Culture Camp

7th - 11th AugustArt and World Cultures Week

During this week the children will promote the dissemination and social communication of cinema, photography, reading and poetry as artistic expressions, seeking to dynamize visual expressions, incorporating technology, observation, and research of our local and world culture, under a collaborative work proposal.

Culture Camp

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